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About Us The Importance of Relationships

Throughout our programs, we work with people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. We seek to help the poorest of the poor wherever possible. Sometimes this can mean going into regions or localities other providers of microfinance are not prepared to go. This also means we are not constrained by working only in environments supportive of Christian beliefs.

We welcome and deeply value relationships with organisations and individuals who share our vision, whether or not they share the beliefs on which our motivation is based. This includes our supporters, investors, program partners, and service providers. This is a hallmark of Opportunity.

Our values are:

  • Commitment: to our clients and their transformation
  • Humility: a spirit of serving in all we do
  • Respect: consideration shown to all people and commitment to teamwork
  • Integrity: living our values with transparency and consistency
  • Stewardship: accountability, innovation and urgency
  • Transformation: our ultimate goal in ourselves and others.

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We recognise people living in poverty face complex and multi-dimensional issues. Providing financial solutions and training will not alone be enough to enable a world where all people live free from poverty and with dignity and purpose. Accordingly, we are encouraged when we see others doing work we believe can assist in achieving our vision, and when appropriate, we work in partnership with them. We believe God works through many people, some of whom share the beliefs on which our motivation is based and some of whom do not.

We believe there is a spiritual dimension to the process of a person’s life being transformed and we desire all people to experience God’s saving love. We also believe it is impossible to coerce or manipulate people into a faith in Jesus Christ, and deeply offensive to try. God’s good news is based on relationship with Him and freedom to choose. Because of our desire to preserve this freedom to choose, we don’t believe it is appropriate to link evangelism with the provision of our programs.

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