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550 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Toll Free: 1-800-793-9455

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Chapters Toledo

Welcome to the Toledo chapter of Young Ambassadors for Opportunity, a supporter of Opportunity International.

We are a passionate and dynamic group of people with one common goal: facilitating change in the lives of those that we serve. We do this not only by raising funds for Opportunity International’s transformational services, but also by raising awareness and igniting the passion for Opportunity in our local communities. Our goal is what drives us, but YAO-Toldeo also affords us the opportunity to meet and engage with new people in fun and unique ways in the great city of Toledo!

Contact YAO Toledo

So, come and join YAO-Toledo TODAY, where your involvement is guaranteed to change lives of those around the world. There are two great ways for you to get involved with us:

1. Help shape and drive what we are doing here in our local communities to serve Opportunity International by becoming a Young Ambassador for Opportunity.


2. Support YAO-Toledo by participating in one of our local events, initiatives or educational opportunities. Stay in the loop by joining our email list!


We look forward to meeting you soon!

Meet our leadership team and learn about our favorite things to do in the Glass City!

Morgan Bayer

I love working with YAO because I have been looking to put time and money behind an organization that changes lives and communicates throughempowering people! The self-sustaining, trickle down effect is really exciting to me. I also love to travel and try new foods, so I look forward to the day when I can go on a YAO trip!

Favorite thing to do in Toledo: Kelly and I share the same #1 activity. My #2 is going to Wildwood park with my favorite bulldog, Mila. Especially in the fall!

Kelly Krueger

Opportunity International was exactly the organization I was looking to be involved with, and YAO-Toledo brings that opportunity right here to my hometown! I truly love working with other people, both in Toledo and the surrounding communities, to effect major change in the lives of Opportunity’s clients around the globe.

Favorite thing to do in Toledo: EAT! There are so many great restaurants in Toledo and I’d love to try them all! A few favorites would be Registry Bistro, Bar 145, Tekela…the list could go on and on!

Tim A R Hanson

Working with YAO is one of the best ways out there to have an effective, life-changing and direct impact on a global scale as a young person. Changing lives in a sustainable and long-term fashion at home and globally is vital tomaking our world a better place. YAO-Toledo brings that vital global aspect to our region and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it!

Favorite thing to do in Toledo: Being relatively new to Toledo, I’ve become proud to call it home and my favorite things would be the regional assets such as the Metroparks, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Opera, and others…and of course the Food Scene! A few of my favorites are Beirut, Registry Bistro, and San Marcos – but there are TONS of ethnic and specialty food spots that are a-mazing!

Matthew Bryant

What I find inspirational is the fact that individuals who receive microloans through Opportunity International become business owners and are able to directly improve their lives – without the need of “charity.” While charity is great, the tools our clients receive to grow and enrich themselves is awesome. I’m honored to be a vital member of our Toledo chapter – YAO-Toledo!

Favorite thing to do in Toledo: Like Kelly and Morgan, I love Toledo’s growing food industry – there are so many fantastic up and coming restaurants to enjoy. My ultimate favorite aspect about Toledo though is the art museum! It is world class and a gem to the community. Check it out!


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