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550 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Toll Free: 1-800-793-9455

© 2017 Opportunity Internationala 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Chapters Chicago

Welcome to the Chicago chapter of Young Ambassadors for Opportunity, a supporter of Opportunity International. 

We are a group of passionate, globally-minded young professionals. Our goals are to raise awareness about microfinance as a means of sustainably alleviating poverty and support the creation of bank in Tanzania.

We hope you will join us at one of our many events in Chicago and help shape future events that interest you. To connect with us further, please join this group’s email list or visit our Facebook group.


Co-Chair: Brock Jenkins
Co-Chair: Emily Reavis
Fundraising Team Chair: Alex Catuara
Community Team Chair: Lauren Amundson
Education Team Chair: Billy Taki
Outreach Team Chair: Katie Penicook
Fundraising Advisor: Rajat Dubey

The YAO Chicago Team 

Abbey Rosenwinkel
Adam Code
Alex Catuara
Allison Kooser
Angela Brocato
Anita Lin
Anna Robbins
April Kort
Ashley Luse
Brittany DiPiazza
Brock Jenkins
Catherine Tambeaux
Charles Battoe
Christian Harry
Christina Hung
Daniel Bolt
Dave Fortosis
Dave Hawley
David Zoller
DeRondal Bevly
Dori Keller
Emily Reavis
Gelyn Watkins
Grant Dykstra
Gweneth Luo
Heather Richmond
Ian Haisley
James Cook

Jan Jaro
Jared Nieman
Jeanny Wang
Jenn Gaudreau
Jon Kubricht
Joseph Weber
Katherine Connelly
Katie Penicook
Kristabel Stark
Kristen Doyle
Kyle Morrison
Kyle Studer
Lauren Amundson
Lauren Dillon
Lauren Hawley 
Lauren Maat
Lauren Pope
Luis Martinez
Lyndsey Bolt
Maria Dickman
Meredith Mays
Michaela Maliszewski
Michael Renzi
Michelle Chou
Natasha Malik
Neal Drumm
Nikola Mijatovic
Patrick O'Brien
Paul Yuccas
Priscilla Martinez
Rajat Dubey
Robert DiTomassi
Rohit Dhake
Sara Freer
Sasha Pierson
Shannon Leutheuser
Steve Compere
Victoria Sikes
Whitney Harris

Want to be a part of this awesome team fighting global poverty right here in Chicago? Join YAO today! 

Contact YAO Chicago

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