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Chicago, IL 60607

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Over 40 passionate supporters make up the Governor community in the Phoenix area. Together, they give generously, advocate for Opportunity International within their personal and professional networks, and meet together to learn and inspire one another.

To become a part of this dynamic community of leaders and advocates, simply click the button on the right. Your gift of $5,000 or more will give entrepreneurs the resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, and will enter you into this group of active supporters.

Below is a list of Governors in the Phoenix area. To connect with this Governor community, contact us here. Or, join the conversation on Facebook.


Richard Adkerson, Paradise Valley

Gail Bradley, Scottsdale

John and Sue Cork, Scottsdale

Suzanne Diamond and Dimitri Haniotis, Scottsdale

Michael and Shelley Dupuy, Phoenix

Don Ebinger, Fountain Hills

William and Carolyn Franke, Paradise Valley

Dave and Stephanie Franke, Scottsdale

Anne and Terry Guerrant, Gilbert

Robert and Martha Haley, Paradise Valley

Laurie Hawkes and Steve Schmitz, Scottsdale

Malcolm and Kathie Howard, Scottsdale

Philip and Margaret Howe, Phoenix

Craig and Christine Hughes, Scottsdale

Joel and Elizabeth Johnson, Scottsdale

Mary-Lynn and Eugene Kaulius, Scottsdale

Stephen and Fern Klassen, Scottsdale

Daniel Martineau, Scottsdale

Dan and Carmine McCausland, Phoenix

Brent and Paige Mekosh, Phoenix

Ed and Tracy Neumayr, Phoenix

Mike and Yvonne Pinckard, Phoenix

Marc Salem and Cindy Schwab-Salem, Paradise Valley

Patrick and Brenda Smith, Scottsdale

Karsten and Bonnie Solheim, Glendale

John and Jacque Weberg, Phoenix


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