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Governor Regional Communities Northern California

Over 100 passionate supporters make up the Governor community in northern California. Together, they give generously, advocate for Opportunity International within their personal and professional networks, and meet together to learn and inspire one another.

To become a part of this dynamic community of leaders and advocates, simply click the button on the right. Your gift of $5,000 or more will give entrepreneurs the resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, and will enter you into this group of active supporters.

Below is a list of Governors in the northern California area. To connect with this Governor community, contact us here. Or, join the conversation on Facebook.

Community Leaders

John and Alberta Britton, Modesto

Mark and Megan Klopp, Danville


Alana and Peter Ackerson, San Francisco

Chuck and DruAnn Ahlem, Turlock

Bruce Basso, Atherton

Scott and Phyllis Bedford, Hillsborough

Janice and Tom Berthold, Sartoga

Deborah Bowker, Los Gatos

Randall and Renee Brekke, Modesto

John and Alberta Britton, Modesto

Charles and Cheryl Bryant, Modesto

Kathy and Bob Ceremsak, Hillsborough

Ben and Kim Chelf, San Francisco

Anita and David Cummings, Saint Helena

Henry and Emma Dirksen, Modesto

Tom and Joanne Dowd, Alamo

Kathy Drake, Oakland

Kathy and Terry Duryea, Los Gatos

John and Wendy Evans, Modesto

Jim Fehrle, Menlo Park

Robert and Susan Finocchio, Atherton

Johanna and Kenny Fischer, Ballico

Sue and Ed Fish, Saint Helena

Steve and Lydia Franzese, Saratoga

Susan and Patrick Gibson, Menlo Park

Henri and Jennifer Haber, Riverbank

Promod and Dorcas Haque, Saratoga

James and Nicola Hemerling, Lafayette

Erick and Diane Johnson, Clovis

Mark and Megan Klopp, Danville

Michael and Esther Lee, Palo Alto

Chris and Susie Leupold, San Francisco

Catherine and David Marsten, Calistoga

Alan and Cynthia Marty, Menlo Park

Michael and Sally Mayer, Hillsborough

Cyndi and David McCrane, Fairfield

Fred Middleton, Hillsborough

Jeff Miller, San Jose

Ted and Nicole Moser, Oakland

Greg and Ann Myers, Woodbridge

Marilyn and John Nugent, San Francisco

Ralph and Joni Ogden, Modesto

Paul and Bonnie Parton, Hughson

Glen and Ruth Peterson, Modesto

Reuben and Teresa Peterson, Modesto

Roy and Ruth Rogers, Los Altos Hills

Michele and Tom Ruby, San Jose

Nate and Shelly Sarkisian, Saratoga

Stephen and Meritt Sawyer, Menlo Park

Fritz and Donna Schali, Patterson

Elizabeth Shafer, Saint Helena

Deborah R. Smith, Los Gatos

Frank and Luann Spindler, Pleasanton

Jeff and Jocelynn Staley, Menlo Park

Gordon and Lorna Steel, Los Altos

Lawrence and Mary Stephens, Modesto

David and Barbara Stiehr, Pleasanton

Lois and Bill Swanson, Saint Helena

Rick and Andrea Swanson, Turlock

Henry and Marie te Velde, Delhi

Myles and Jennifer Vander Weele, San Francisco

Carol Waitte, Los Gatos

Cathy and Mark Wilson, Saratoga

Marcia and Stephen Wright, San Jose

William and Cathy Zoslocki, Modesto


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