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550 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Toll Free: 1-800-793-9455

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Almost 50 passionate supporters make up the Governor community in the New York City area. Together, they give generously, advocate for Opportunity International within their personal and professional networks, and meet together to learn and inspire one another.

To become a part of this dynamic community of leaders and advocates, simply click the button on the right. Your gift of $5,000 or more will give entrepreneurs the resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, and will enter you into this group of active supporters.

Below is a list of Governors in the New York City area. To connect with this Governor community, contact us here. Or, join the conversation on Facebook.


Lazarus and Joyce Angbazo, Tenafly, NJ

Arthur and Kathy Armstrong, Darien, CT

MacDonald and Anne Barnes, Locust, NJ

Jeremy and Susie Buffam, Ridgefield, CT

Brian and Dianne Clark, Mahwah, NJ

David and Christine Edwards, Hoboken, NJ

Marcia Fingal, New York, NY

Brandon and Michelle Freiman, New York, NY

Bernard George, New York, NY

Douglas and Joan Hansen, New York, NY

John and Kathryn Hart, New York, NY

Carol Hexner, Brooklyn, NY

Andy and Karen Hirschberg, Westport, CT

Mark and Elizabeth Hurley, New York, NY

Christine Kim, New York, NY

Peter Liu, New York, NY

Michelle Mak Ng, New York, NY

David and Sally McAlpin, Skillman, NJ

Tracey McCabe, New York, NY

John and Hee-Jung Moon, New York, NY

Raouf Morcos, Livingston, NJ

Ruth and Paul Qualben, Brooklyn, NY

Wayne Roberts and Nike Whittemore, Greenwich, CT

Cyprien Sarteau, New York, NY

Janet Sell, Wilton, CT

Bonnie St. John, Darcy Deane and Allen Haines, New York, NY

Richard and Erika Stehl, Sands Point, NY

Andrew Stern, New York, NY

Luke Tubergen, New York, NY

Curtis and Cissy Viebranz, New York, NY

Brian Zakrocki, New York, NY


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