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550 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Toll Free: 1-800-793-9455

© 2017 Opportunity Internationala 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Over 150 passionate supporters make up the Governor community in the Minneapolis area. Together, they give generously, advocate for Opportunity International within their personal and professional networks, and meet together to learn and inspire one another.

To become a part of this dynamic community of leaders and advocates, simply click the button on the right. Your gift of $5,000 or more will give entrepreneurs the resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, and will enter you into this group of active supporters.

Below is a list of Governors in the Minneapolis area. To connect with this Governor community, contact us here. Or, join the conversation on Facebook.


Dave and Karen Beadie, Edina

Steve and Suzanne Bennett, Eden Prairie

Helen and Gary Bergren, Eden Prairie

Scott and Mignon Bergs, Mankato

Helen and William Bieber, Eden Prairie

Ward and Kris Brehm, Minneapolis

Bill and Karen Brown, Saint Paul

Randy and Sara Buboltz, Hector

Jeannie Buckner, Wayzata

Peggy Burnet, Wayzata

Cassidy and David Burns, Wayzata

Jeremy and Krista Carroll, Brooklyn Park

David and Michelle Choe, Carver

Tim and Tara Clark, Edina

Brian and Bethany Connelly, Excelsior

Fredric and Glenda Corrigan, Edina

Sandra Davis, Edina

Peter Deanovic, Minneapolis

Gayle and Tim DeVries, Long Lake

Dennis and Megan Doyle, Eden Prairie

Dan and Janet Dryer, Eden Prairie

Karol Emmerich, Jordan

Thomas and Diane Erickson, Edina

Reid Evenson, Lakeville

Paul and Mary Freeman, Minnetonka

Douglas and Cynthia Fulton, Edina

Timothy and Jenifer Garvey, Edina

Al and Mary Geiwitz, Minneapolis

Jill and Tim Geoffrion, Wayzata

Penny and Bill George, Minneapolis

Ryan Gilbertson, Delano

Rick and Terri Gunderson, Spicer

Thomas and Joyce Hansen, Eden Prairie

Stanley and Mindy Hargrove, Wayzata

Lucy Hartwell, St. Louis Park

David and Lisa Hintermeister, Richfield

Rob and Kristine Johnson, Wayzata

Brad and Maggie Johnston, Saint Paul

Tracy Kirby, Woodland

Patrick and Norma Klein, Prior Lake

Ben and Andrea Knoll, Edina

Steve and Sarah Kumagai, Golden Valley

Rick and Anita Leggott, Edina

Mark and Susan Lewis, Edina

Philip and Sharon Lindau, Plymouth

Donald and Margaret Longlet, Bloomington

Barbara Lupient, Edina

Muffy MacMillan, Long Lake

Bob and Polly McCrea, Wayzata

Michael and Katie McElroy, St. Louis Park

David and Charlene McGuire, Prior Lake

Lizabeth McKibben and Fred McDonald, Wayzata

Alfred and Ann Moore, Minneapolis

Barb and Terry Muelken, Prior Lake

Jack and Gretchen Norqual, Eden Prairie

Michael and Kelly Palmer, Minneapolis

Brent and Jill Pearson, Edina

Wendell Peck, St Louis Park

James and Evonne Pedersen, Minnetonka

Tad and Cindy Piper, Hamel

Tim and Patricia Pitera, Woodbury

Lindsay and David Polyak, Hopkins

Tom and Mollie Raih, Edina

Brett Reese, Northfield

Stan and Zoe Ryan, Minneapolis

Curtis and Marian Sampson, Hector

Herve and Jennifer Sarteau, Minneapolis

Christopher and Jennifer Sawyer, Northfield

Guilherme and Eliana Schmidt, Edina

John and Margit Schubert, Minneapolis

Charlie and Cathy Snyder, Edina

Nolan and Emily Soltvedt, Minneapolis

Phil and Margie Soran, Edina

Chris Staley, Minneapolis

Mary Lynn and Warren Staley, Edina

Megan and Mike Tamte, Minneapolis

Mark and Kimberly Thompson, Minnetonka

Matthew and Ellen Thompson, St. Louis Park

Jay and Lisa Tschetter, Eden Prairie

Paul and Andrea Tshihamba, Edina

Rolf and Liz Turnquist, Hamel

Emily and Andrew Vennerstrom, Hopkins

Bob and Jenny Verner, Chaska

Mary Sue and Peter Vorbrich, Minneapolis

Steven and Kathryn Waters, Golden Valley

Justin and Carolyn Wilson, Minneapolis

Nicole and Kirt Woodhouse, Wayzata

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