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Governor Regional Communities Dallas-Fort Worth

Over 30 passionate supporters make up the Governor community in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. Together, they give generously, advocate for Opportunity International within their personal and professional networks, and meet together to learn and inspire one another.

To become a part of this dynamic community of leaders and advocates, simply click the button on the right. Your gift of $5,000 or more will give entrepreneurs the resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, and will enter you into this group of active supporters.

Below is a list of Governors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. To connect with this Governor community, contact us here. Or, join the conversation on Facebook.

Community Leader

Natalie Costa, Dallas


Bill and Heidi Aiken, Mckinney

Seth and Kathy Allen, Irving

Shawn and Kathy Black, Mckinney

Natalie Costa, Dallas

Bob and Judie Douglass, Mckinney

Elizabeth and Chase Gosselin, Dallas

Jeffrey and Charlsey Holler, Fort Worth

Julia and Darren Keyes, Fort Worth

Zachary and Mary Martin, Dallas

Jordan and Adrienne McLain, Dallas

Malone and Amy Mitchell, Dallas

Angela and Doug Nash, Dallas

Jeannie Pascale, Mckinney

Marshall and Dee Ann Payne, Dallas

Michael and Patti Scovel, Frisco

Malcolm Street, Jr., Fort Worth

Jim Taylor, Bedford

Malcolm and Joanne Turner, Dallas

Jason and Betsy Williford, Dallas

Natalie and Brad Yates, Dallas

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