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Be Bold for ChangeEmpowering women and girls to succeed on International Women's Day—and every day.

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day—a day to celebrate and champion women in the developing world who are working their way out of poverty.

Why We Love International Women's Day

Opportunity International was founded with a vision that everyone would have the chance to live a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose. Everyone. This ambitious goal requires dedicated attention to one of the most marginalized groups in the developing world—women. It is our collective responsibility to address the inequalities that currently prevent women from triggering positive generational changes and contributing billions of dollars to their economies. We believe that increasing opportunities for women and girls is our essential response to this global challenge—and one that creates health, security and prosperity for families and society as a whole.

We empower women entrepreneurs with critical financial services that they otherwise would not receive. Things like a loan to build her business, a savings account to protect her hard-earned income and financial skills training so she has the confidence and knowledge to effectively manage her money. With access to these services, a voiceless mother can bloom into a confident leader in her family and her community. Together we are empowering women to fulfill their potential, lift themselves and their families out of poverty, educate their children and transform their lives.

Action #1 – Learn

Every 7 seconds we empower a woman with a loan. Flip through to learn why it’s so critical to champion women and girls across the world and how our supporters are making a difference.

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Do you have what it takes to #BeBoldForChange? Take 5 minutes to hear from some of our favorite leaders and champions for women, as they challenge us to think about how we can each take important steps to drive action.

Sometimes decisions in life are really tough, but when you're bold...the outcome will always turn out right for you.

Vicki Escarra


What role will you play as we strive to create opportunities for women? Sharing your thoughts and commitment with friends is a great first step to driving change—share the tweet below to get the conversation going.


Don’t miss your chance to take action for women in poverty on International Women's Day! See how to #BeBoldForChange

And when you visit our partner Cisco's Twitter page and retweet any of their tweets about Opportunity International, Water for People or TechBridge on March 8, Cisco will donate $1, up to $25,000 to be divided among the three organizations.

Give Opportunity to Women Entrepreneurs

Keep the International Women’s Day celebration going by supporting Opportunity International, where we champion women around the world every day. When you donate, you give women the tools and training they need to work their way out of poverty and build new futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.


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