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Peter KingFormer CEO, John Fairfax Group

Peter King spent much of his career with the Van Leer Group, an international manufacturing company, rising from personnel manager at group headquarters to group executive director of Van Leer International. Subsequent leadership roles includes chairman of Health Communication Ltd., chairman of AusAsian Merchant Bank, chief executive officer of Pratt Industries Australian Manufacturing and chief executive officer of John Fairfax Group, an international media company. Current board service includes chairman of World Vision Australia Ltd, director of World Vision International, chairman of NBC School Board and director of Christian Schools of Australia. He is a Foundation Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors (Australia) and has been chairman of various industry and professional associations around the world, including National Human Resources Association. Peter received the Australian Centenary Medal from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Completed AMP Harvard University. Peter was chairman of Opportunity International Network from 1999-2002.

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